Where are you located?
We are proud to be based in sunny San Diego, California!
Where do your products get manufactured?
We manufacture our products in our factory in Dongguan, China. In light of the recent need for personal protective equipment, we converted some of our manufacturing lines used for orthopedic products over to masks and other critical items.
Do you design products yourself?
For most of our products, we design them from the ground up! However, for products such as our KN95 mask, we use standard designs and manufacturing techniques that allow for the end product to meet CDC and other standards.
What is the difference between KN95 and N95 masks?
An N95 mask is a filtering face piece (FFP) respirator. Per CDC guidelines, during times of mask shortages, KN95 masks can be used as alternatives to N95 masks. Our KN95 masks meet the CDC's assessment standards and have the appropriate accompanying codes and standards/guidance documentation.

Direct sales

Where do you ship to?
In order to support the efforts against COVID-19 on our home soil, we only ship domestically within the United States. For international orders, please reach out to us at team@elevatemedsupply.com.
Do you charge for shipping?
For Direct Sales we charge $75 for FedEx International Priority. We understand that our customers only want the fastest shipping speed at this moment. We realize this may be expensive, but please know that we cover most of the cost of shipping in excess of the $75 fee we pass on. Note that for wholesale and large orders, shipping is included.
How long does it take to ship?
Your order will be delivered within 10-14 days. We don't take shortcuts in ensuring your product is top-notch quality, and in times of such uncertainty, this goes a long way.
Where can I see my order status?
You will receive up-to-date email notifications about your order.
Can I change my order or address after I have placed it?
We strive to deliver your product as quickly as possible, so there is only a very small window to change shipping destinations. If you need to change your order, please contact our support portal immediately.
Is my personal and payment information safe?
We use Shopify to process all of our orders. Shopify is a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and maintains extremely high standards for customer information security.


What happens after I place my order?
Given this unique global situation, we want to be as transparent and give as many updates about each order as possible. After submitting a Purchase Order, our wholesale customers can expect the following:
  1. An Invoice is sent to the purchasing contact with the estimated delivery time and payment remission methods.
  2. Once initial payment has been received, we will reply with the latest delivery information.
  3. When the product has shipped from our factory, we will provide a tracking number to the purchasing contact.
Let us do what we do best so you can focus on helping those in need.
Can I get a sample of any of your products?
Of course! We’d love to ship you a sample immediately. Please reach out to team@elevatemedsupply.com or contact your sales representative.
How can we ensure products are quality?
We perform 100% inspection on all of our products before packaging and delivery. On top of this, our factory is registered with the FDA and follows strict ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards.
What is the delivery timeframe?
Once your PO has been placed, we will respond within 24 hours with an Invoice, which will state the most up to date delivery time. Please note, our current delivery times to the final destination are 10-14 days.
How can I track my order?
We will provide the FedEx tracking number for your order via email once it has left our factory.
Do you drop ship?
Yes! For wholesale orders we do drop ship via FedEx International Priority.