About us

We are a seasoned team of doctors, medical device engineers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturing experts seeking to protect the heroes in the healthcare industry.

In the midst of the tragic COVID-19 outbreak, we saw many Americans stepping up to help to solve the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage. We thought: how could we bring together our unique access and supply chain expertise in order to help?

Today, we create products for a US orthopedic company and manufacture them in Asia. We knew that if we switched some of our production lines over to products in high demand, we could make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. And so we did just that. Our FDA-certified factory now manufactures critical medical protection equipment for healthcare professionals. But, we didn't want to stop at simply making products available: given our unique ability to help, we've decided to donate one hundred masks to responders in need for each box purchased.

Our company is a certified vendor to the United States Federal Government (USFG) with active CAGE and DUNS codes. Additionally, we have active Department of Defense contracts.

Our team works with a variety of representatives to provide widespread access to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers across the country. With their help, we are able to expand our impact and get products to critical locations as fast as possible.

Dr. Melanie Villalobos, DMD

Chief Clincal Specialist

Daniel Magy

Business Development

Kelly McGee

Chief Executive Officer

Elliott Forde

Sales and Fulfillment Platform

Sarah Mendenhall

Logistics and Customer Experience

Our factory

We our proud to say that our factory is entirely female owned. We have also decided to partner with our factory leadership team to support employees both during and after work through equitable compensation, living quarters, and financial lending programs for higher education.

We take as much pride in their work as they do in their people. Our factory is FDA registered and ISO 9001 / 13485 certified, ensuring industry standard quality processes.