A Much Needed Donation

We've heard many stories about respirators and face masks over the past week. From aggregating news articles and chatting with healthcare professionals on the front lines, we've found a few common themes: shortages and workarounds.

The CDC has widely advised that any covering of the face is better than nothing, therefore in times of shortages, many communities are coming together to donate everything they can find. In some cases, creative community members are even hand stitching masks! However, even this is not enough, and many nurses, doctors  and other clinicians are having to reuse masks for multiple days. In some cases, workers have bene found to be using them for multiple weeks.

We were fortunate to have a connection to Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California where we were able to donate some of our KN95 masks directly to nurses battling the daily fight against COVID-19. We're hoping this small donation makes a difference in keeping those who are risking their lives to fight the disease safe.